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About MPY Business Services

We are a Finnish ICT service provider who ensures that your information management adapts to the future. With 160 employees working in 9 locations, we work together with the best operators in our field to guarantee the best possible service and quality level to you. We provide everything you need to run a modern ICT environment, from analyzing the current IT management situation to providing business-oriented IT management.

In addition to comprehensive information management services, we offer technical services such as IT management, IT hardware and end-user support, data protection and cyber security, telecommunications and voice services, cloud services and server solutions, as well as subscription services - all specifically tailored to the needs of your company.

MPY Insourcing Service – a better way of outsourcing IT

For many companies, outsourcing IT is vital to their business activities. However, the quality and adequateness of the services obtained strongly depend on the service provider's understanding of the customers’ needs.

For us, customized services and products always mean insourcing our customers business needs. We strive to understand our customers’ business processes and environment as well as its challenges and opportunities in order to find the best suitable IT and information management solutions.

There is no need to settle for only good enough IT outsourcing anymore. IT for us means that your IT management will be sustainable also in the future. By choosing MPY Insourcing Services to outsource IT and information management, you have peace of mind when developing your core business operations.

Welcome to the age of insourcing.

Information Management Services

MPY insourcing Services comprise all the elements advanced information management demands.

We ensure your business’ data protection and cyber security are up-to-date and a cyber security strategy is implemented. Naturally, this includes compliance with GDPR-regulations and safeguarding against data breaches.

The development of business supporting information management systems always demands a thorough understanding of the present business situation. Our services start with assessing your existing IT environment before creating a sound development plan together with you. And what is most important, you decide on the extent we will manage your IT environment for you. Our insourcing service could even include the implementation of full development projects where we will manage the project on your behalf while regularly reporting to specific key personnel in your company.

Through insourcing, we are able to recognize your company’s possible ICT risks. IT management development and risk management should be a continuous process in any company and our experienced personnel is able to manage these tasks on your behalf according to ISO31000 Standard.

We understand that the pre-requisite for a well-managed business is cost management and budgeting. Accordingly, an essential part of our insourcing services is to create and optimize your ICT service budget with you.

ICT hardware and end-user support

By insourcing your business needs, we are able to offer your company the most suitable hardware and lifecycle services. We provide an all-inclusive service, ranging from fully installed hardware and its continuous maintenance to functional ongoing end-user support.

Centralized device management for workstations and mobile devices is not only a service that keeps your company up-to-date, it also is an important part of your information management security.

Without having to worry about outdated hardware and technical problems, you are free to concentrate on your core business.

Data protection and cyber security

Data breaches are part of everyday life and may not even be detectable with the naked eye. Neglecting data protection and cyber security can also be very costly in the long-run and investing in these aspects is crucial for the long-term success of your business.

MPY provides you with a comprehensive range of data protection and cyber security services as well as an analysis of your company’s current state in order to increase your company’s security level and protect your business also in the future.

MPY’s data security services incorporate:

• data network security

• cloud security

• device protection and cyber security

• administrative information security and its development services

Data network security consists of fire walls, protected remote connections and the prevention of cyber attacks. Our services include all the necessary hardware as well as their maintenance, so your company does not have to invest in them. VPN connections are encrypted and guarantee a safe use for your employees and business partners.

Cloud environments and cloud services are very common in modern business and central to business continuity. You ensure the security of your company's cloud services by protecting yourself from phishing, protecting your identity and through M365 data security, e.g. Microsoft Zero Trust implementations. It is extremely important that people use some other form of strong authentication in addition to passwords. By implementing multi-phase authentication, you are taking the most important step in protecting yourself from these threats.

Device protection and cyber security are basic elements of data security. They consist of antivirus and device protection which prevent intrusion into devices, vulnerability management which anticipates and prevents security vulnerabilities, and cyber threat detection and response which reacts to third parties accessing your company’s equipment and data.

With our administrative information security services, MPY can provide you with an analysis of your security levels on which basis we are able to recognize areas for development. Moreover, we can act as Security Manager and Privacy Manager. The Security Manager can support your company's IT management in managing security and implementing related developments. The Data Protection Manager, in turn, ensures that the data protection processes related to your business are kept up-to-date and that data protection works as it should.

Telecommunications and voice services

As part of our Insourcing Service, MPY provides you with the most suitable solution for your telecommunications and voice service needs so that your company can operate with appropriate efficiency.

The networks of individual business locations can be combined to a corporate network which can be located either in our MPY or in a third-party data center. We take care of your local networks’ operation, maintenance and security so that you do not need to worry and are able to focus on your business activities.

As a reseller of DNA mobile subscriptions, MPY can supply you with the most appropriate subscription for your company. In addition to traditional telephone solutions, call and voice functions that are essential to your business can now be offered as cloud service with MPY's Microsoft Teams Speech solution. Whatever your business need, we can provide it: cloud calls, voicemail, group calls and cloud helpdesk functions.

Cloud services and server solutions

Business applications need servers and these are an important part of business information management with their reliability being vital to business. MPY helps you to choose the right technology for your servers, gives guidance in the application of the public cloud, implements secure and uninterrupted maintenance of servers and acts as your partner in the development of the server environment.

We provide you with the most appropriate virtual or physical server capacity. If your company needs robust data security, you require Katakri classified server capacity. MPY has a Katakri IV level security rating for both physical security and information security management. Our service center also takes care of the automatic monitoring of your servers as well as their management and maintenance. Our virtual data center is like your private cloud service and corresponds in functionality to the public IaaS service located in Finland in a Katakri classified data center. And if cloud services, specifically Microsoft Azure cloud services, seem like a good solution for your business’ information management, MPY can help you with a controlled cloud transition. We modernize your company’s IT environment as a custom-built entity.

Microsoft 365 subscription services

Microsoft 365 is a comprehensive toolkit and communication platform for everyday business needs. It includes Microsoft software, remote and team platforms, a cloud service and a communications platform. In addition, MPY is able to supply you with an extensive data protection package safeguarding your company.

Microsoft 365 combines all necessary services in the same application environment which eliminates compatibility problems you may face by using the services of different service providers or different file formats.

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