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We internalize your ICT needs and make ICT an advantage to your company

MPY is a company specialized in ICT and ICT management services and the only ICT service provider that internalizes your ICT needs. We employ 150 top professionals, all eager to internalize your ICT. Our service teams in ten locations across Finland serve both companies and consumers with an objective to internalize your ICT needs and demands in order to deliver the best customer experience in the ICT sector. We thrive in forming long term mutual partnerships whilst ensuring our customers’ success. We believe better ICT means delivering purely such services which serve both your business and personal goals, resulting in productivity and competitive gains.

Our ICT services range span from all-encompassing ICT as a Service solutions to ICT Management as a Service resourcing.

ICT management services deliver the big picture

ICT management services provide an unobstructed view of the organisation’s information management and related business circumstances. They offer information regarding the current state of the ICT management and development actions for the future, including areas such as ICT management processes, snapshot of the application environment, and readiness for digitalisation. Our ICT management services, application management, and audit services ensure continuous development.

ICT management as a service (CIO): does continuous, operative and management-level ICT leadership work and ensures systematic, future-proof ICT management.

Data Security Manager (DSM) and Data Protection Officer as a service (DPO): DSM handles data security management, development, and level tracking. DPO ensures the organisation’s GDPR compliance by directing the management of personal data.

Application Management as a service: is an add on to ICT Management services combining ICT management and business, and helps manage the application environment.

ICT management development projects are a development tool for ICT management, with which IT projects are carried out by using an appropriate control model.

Technology, data networks and capacity services ensure a secure ICT environment and uninterrupted functionality

Technology and capacity services ensure that the management - both physical and virtual - of the server environment supports the business requirements. The environment can reside at the customer’s premises, hosted by a third party, in MPY’s Katakri / ISO27001 data center, or in the Azure cloud. The service includes preventive maintenance and management for the server environment, as well as data security and recovery plans.

With our data network services, you can ensure a custom-built and controlled data transfer service that is duplicated at the most critical points. With the spur network services, you can guarantee uninterrupted functioning for your business.

  • continuity for external connections can be ensured by using, for example, 4G/MPLS duplication
  • network traffic monitoring, tracking and analysis
  • monitored and controlled spur network with adequate capacity
  • remote management
  • if required, support services on-site as expert assistance

Management and support for IT equipment to promote the customer’s business

MPY Palvelut offers comprehensive ICT services matched to the customer organisation’s requirements. The customer’s ICT management can benefit from our know-how - customised for their exact needs - together with state-of-the-art tools we use and the processes that support them. Many of the tasks in ICT management are strongly bound to technology and can be automated - but often developing this level of automation and maintaining the technologies can easily tie up more resources than originally estimated. That is why external help is needed - in many areas, we promise to perform better and more cost-effectively than what the customer’s internal resources would allow. Our aim is - no more and no less - to provide the best customer experience in the field, and for this we work really hard.

The MPY offering covers the entire ICT field from IT equipment management and support to technologies, to managing data networks and capacity. One of our strongest areas of know-how lies in services related to ICT management as a service, complemented by audits and development projects.

Our ICT service is based on transparency and proactivity, as well as in taking responsibility. When it comes to outsourcing ICT services, the underlying fear is often that of losing control - that is why we do our utmost to make it just the opposite. Documentation, system management, metrics - and their transparency - in productive processes guarantee that the services you outsource are under your control better than ever before.

Audits provide accurate snapshots

In the various sectors of ICT management, we often arrive at a situation where there is uncertainty regarding the current situation or its level in some area of ICT management. Additionally, the organisation may be unsure as to the direction they should be heading in, or the means with which to reach the common goals. There may also exist gaps between ICT management and business, or between ICT management and the executive level, and the various perspectives can differ greatly. Sometimes the organisation can lack a vision altogether without the necessary understanding of the current situation.

The cross-section projects for ICT management are meant for clarifying the situation and for having an impartial third party perspective. The projects aim to provide an understanding of the status of the target area under auditing, as well as guidelines for further development at the same time. The target may include the ICT management processes, the technical infrastructure, the application environment, the data security, or some other challenging key area in your organisation.

The final report of the snapshot is intended for the organisation’s management and top-level ICT management personnel. It provides a guide and a map that both the executive level and ICT management can comprehend. The audits are targeted to a specific ICT management area and provide a snapshot of the current situation.

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